With the introduction of the cloud, IT professionals gained access to a tool which eliminated many of the most serious problems facing businesses today, including data storage and security. For entrepreneurs building their new business from the ground up, it is essential to have access to a scalable data storage solution which can grow at the speed of their own ambitions. The cloud is perfectly matched for these types of situations. For established businesses, the cloud offers invaluable security and access control, allow business owners to make sure that their content is protected at all times.

Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Security
Monitor Management
Virtual Instance

End User Administration
Software Provisioning
End User Security Services
Mail Configuration
Patch Management
Desktop OS Support
Enterprise Antivirus Support

DR Planning
Consult on best approach
Near Zero RTOs and RPOs
VM mounting
VPN rerouting
DNS updating
Ability to run operations for extended periods of time
Annual, bi-annual or quarterly testing

Instantly enable backup
Pick and choose from varying levels of managed services
Guaranteed SLAs and support
Access for monitoring and automation
Ease of Recovery
Multi-server dashboards and reporting
End-to-end encryption
Low resource use
Cost Effective solution
Assess & Advice
Infrastructure Migration Roadmap
Proof of Concept
Build Cloud Infrastructure
Install, Configure & Integrate Instances
Setup Security & Connectivity
Optimize Cloud Instances as per the usage pattern
Cloud Managed Services

Private Cloud in Opex Model.

Microsoft Exchange to Exchange Online / Office 365
Office 365 administration and governance
Support & maintenance
Technical and end-user support services
End User Training

Leveraging world class Data Center infrastructure, Customized high power performance compute, Storage, Network with redundancy & high availability, Multi Location Hybrid architecture, highly motivated robust skill set team, Analysis, built in, Converge, Deploy, Enable, the process. Our experts in Bare metal, Hypervisor (Xen, VMware, Hyper V), orchestration layer & Networking, easy to access Private cloud for the customer.

Our Private Cloud Services Plans

Value Point Cloud Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Compute In VPCU 8 16 16 24
RAM in GB 24 32 48 64
SSD Accelerated Storage in GB 500 1024 1024
SATA Accelerated Storage in GB 2048
Backup Storage in GB 500 1024 1024 2048
Single Pane Management Window Included Included Included Included
SnapShot Backup Included Included Included Included
Resource Slicing Included Included Included Included
Public IP 1 4 2 4
Bundled Bandwidth 500 1024 1024 1024
Hypervisor Included Included Included Included
Layer Based Segregation Included Included Included Included
Windows Os Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost
Basic Managed Services Web Ticketing Web Ticketing Web Ticketing Web Ticketing
One time Cost Free Free Free Free
Commercials Per Month 14999/- 18999/- 29999/- 35999/-

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