Global CEO

Raj Reddy is Global CEO of Value Point Systems. He is responsible for driving Value Point business with industry leading growth and EBIDTA by creating exceptional VALUE to the Global clients.

A dynamic and accomplished business leader with razor-sharp focus on Enterprise Value Creation in mature, Growth, Start-up , troubled and turn-around organizations. Highly result oriented and strongly believes in building scalable Businesses for profitable growth through well proven principles he has architected over 20+ years.

His unique ability to stitch long term value creation with immediate actions & results has benefited global clients immensely with specific focus on transformation through new age Digital Technologies, IT and BPM by applying “As-a-service economy” principles in creating superlative experience, just not for clients, but for the end-consumers of service thus enhancing Customer Lifetime Value.

With his unique strength of building Platforms, Products and Solutions to drive Superlative customer experience, businesses have won accolades by Gartner, Nelson Hall and Forrester and earned reputation of being in the Leadership Quadrant in the key service lines such as Analytics, Automation, IoT, Security services, Customer Management services.

Working directly with Board/CEOs of top 2 Indian IT companies, he has driven large scale organizational transformational programs in Tier-1 IT/ITES organizations of revenue size of $6 Billion revenue / 150K+ people strength in addition to four entrepreneurial stints. He was instrumental in a successful PE transaction along with the management team with industry leading EBIDTA multiplier.

Some of his success principles are Excellence in Execution, building scalable processes, Think Big and don’t lose sight of Small, Start with Zero baseline in every transaction, Act with Clear Conscience, Build a positive ecosystem around you and finally be committed to making a difference to the society and environment.

In his philanthropic journey, he is the Lead partner in Social Venture Partners, an international venture philanthropy organization and takes active role in scaling innovative non-profits in the agriculture sector who are creating sustainable livelihoods to the Farmers and enabling a healthy supply of food to the consumers there by creating an Happy world. He is also the charter member of TiE Bangalore. He is member of the Bio-dynamic Association and an avid Spiritual Organic Farmer.