We provide a host of business products services to organizations for every end‐user need like HP laptop and tablets, HP Desktops, Workstations, etc.

Laptops and Tablets

  • Premium
  • Business Class
  • Personal Laptops
  • Detachables
  • Tablets
  • Product Services


  • Business and Consumer Desktops
  • All‐in‐ones
  • Product Services

Thin Clients

  • Desktop thin clients
  • Mobile Thin clients


  • Desktop Workstations
  • Mobile Workstations

Printers and Scanners

  • Home Segment
  • Corporate usage
  • Large Format
  • Scanners
  • Bar Code Printers & Scanners
  • Receipt Printers
  • Copier Machines

Print supplies and Media

  • Inks and toner cartridges
  • Image drums
  • Fuser assemblies

Point of Sale Machines

Video walls


  • Smart Mobile Phone
  • Smart Displays
  • Smart Projectors
  • All Print and Compute Spares
  • Upgrade Options like Memory; hard disk etc.
  • Warranty extension services

Software Licenses of various organizations

  • All Microsoft Licenses
  • Antivirus Licenses
  • Adobe
  • Coral

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