The evolution of enterprise networks is at a tipping point as global economic conditions, budget prioritization and a changing corporate techno‐culture drive an expectation for mobility and 24 x 7 support. A new network operating center services context is emerging; a distributed enterprise network that supports a more heterogeneous, geographically dispersed workforce, where devices are mobile and applications and resources are centralized. A worker in a branch location or at home needs to be just as connected and productive as a worker at HQ.

Valuepoint Systems’ NOC provides the following quality benefits and capabilities:

  • Monitoring all backbone links and network devices
  • Ensuring continuous operation of servers and services
  • Providing quality support for corporate customers
  • Troubleshooting of all network and system related problems
  • Opening tickets to track and document resolution of problems
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week supervised operation by highly skilled network and system engineers

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