Device Management / BYOD solutions

As more devices and operating systems are introduced within the organization, security and endpoint management become increasingly difficult. With the help of our mobility solutions simplify IT support while enabling employees to work securely using their preferred mobile devices, laptops and desktops — both personally owned and corporate‐issued.

Mobile and End Point Security

Reduce IT complexity while providing your employees the mobile connectivity they need to stay productive. Our connected solutions encrypt your data, protect endpoint devices from hackers, spyware, spam and viruses, and offer efficient, centralized IT management.

Solutions for different verticals

With enterprise‐grade devices and services, Mobility solutions with built‐in security enable businesses to change the way work gets done in most of the verticals today. Valuepoint Systems’ EUC offers solutions for different verticals including:

  • Healthcare solutions
  • Retail solutions
    1. PoS Solution
    2. Digital Signage Solution
  • Rugged
  • Education

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