Valuepoint Systems has a customer‐centric mantra for Data Management Services. From Data Management Services we give our customers insightful answers by analysing the “right amount of data at the right time” that help them maximise their market strategies. Given the variety of sources and types of data, there’s a lot of primary effort in preparing the data before it is stored and analysed by End User. Following the Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) principle, the “cleansing, diagnosing, optimizing & fine tuning” of the enterprise‐wide data turns out to be one of the most crucial steps in the BI & Analytics process and this requires careful attention.

Developing and managing an effective BI program takes expertise, skills and knowledge combined with the right experience.

At Valuepoint Systems we manage:

  • Structured Data (e.g., the numbers in a customer invoice) can be easily ordered in the rows and columns of a traditional database table (e.g., customer details, Sales Invoice, Inventory receipts, etc.) or some other type of database with a defined structure.
  • Semi‐Structured Data (e.g., HTML or email files) conforms to a partial structure or a standard format and contains specific markers that give it some type of organization.
  • Unstructured Data (e.g., an image) is not organized in any pre‐defined manner.

Some of the Technologies we use to achieve the desired results are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql,SparkSQL, MongoDB, Hive, etc.

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