Organizations are currently using multiple software solutions that help them with specific pain points. However without Business Intelligence Training Services, managing multiple reports, analysing them and deriving insights from is time-consuming and impacts speedy business decisions that need to be made on-the-fly based on real-time information. At Valuepoint Systems we undertake Business Intelligence Training Services programs and tools such as Tableau, Tibco SpotFire and Tibco JasperSoft for Software Development Houses, corporate organizations, Startup’s & Educational Institutes.

Our training programs are designed to:

    • Provide strong understanding of fundamental concepts of the BI tools and their functionalities
    • Train software and solutions architects on embedding techniques into their software during the development phase.
    • Train to implement analytics’ tools such as Tableau, Tibco Spotfire or Tibco Jaspersoft that is an added and critical layer with legacy software and customise it to specific business users.
    • Impart critical software knowledge that helps in-house teams optimise usage enabling them to deliver the best solutions as required by the internal Business users
    • Help build custom dashboards and impart role-based training that allows CXOs and management executives use the tools effectively.

Valuepoint Systems’ training teams are backed by experience and knowledge to deliver tailor-made training solutions that help maximize the insights gained from real-time information, for positive business outcomes.


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