Valuepoint offers Big Data Solutions which helps bridge the gap between information silos in an organization. It enables real‐time analysis of information.

We are living in a world of hyper data where the amount of new data created annually grows 10x YoY. Survey reports say:

  • Only 25% of CEOs believe their reports actually help them cull the information that is key
  • 44% of executives say that too many of their critical decisions were based on incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • 75% of VPs surveyed said that they were dissatisfied with their access to the data they need, and
  • 69% of VPs were unhappy with the speed of information delivery.

These data management challenges are compounded by bloated solutions, complex deployments and overly complicated user interfaces. Valuepoint Systems uses emerging technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase and more for harnessing data, which help organizations focus on critical factors to resolve complex business problems.If you would like to know more, click here.

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