Enabling real‐time analysis of critical corporate information

Big Data and BI Solutions & Reporting are decision support tools that enable real‐time analysis of critical corporate information. Valuepoint Systems offers Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions which help bridge the gap between information silos in an organization. Access to information resources such as data warehouses, transaction processing applications, web data and enterprise applications like ERP, enables us to leverage vast amounts of data for analysis, giving users valuable insight into potential opportunities and areas for business process refinement.

Developing and managing an effective BI program takes expertise, skills and knowledge combined with the right experience.

At Valuepoint Systems we follow 3 basic steps:

Identify ‐ identifying the right data sources and structuring the data for analysis
Analyse ‐ continuing through the analysis stage, including processing the data and applying analytical models to the data
Deliver ‐ presenting analysis results in an easy‐to‐consume manner and at the most convenient point of consumption for the user

BI, Big Data & Analytics Solutions from Valuepoint Systems

  • Data Management
  • Big Data Solutions
  • ETL Services
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Open Source & API Integrations
  • Professional Services & Trainings

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What is Big Data : Big Data Explained

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